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Vic restaurant raids prove system works: Hockey

Avuncular JoeHey boss, polling is showing that people aren’t swallowing those Work Choices ads we got the business council to cough up for. They’re saying that even if half of what we’re telling them is true they’ll never be able to police it. What are we going to do?

Let’s show the people that we’re serious. Find some out of the way tourist place in a safe seat, do a sweep of the small-time cafes, take-aways and restaurants and rattle their cages. Bust a few bosses for underpaying their staff and abusing the immigrant workers. That’ll get the punters on side.

I got it, boss! Warrnambool! Lots of tourists and lots of Sudanese workers. I’ll get onto it.

Oh, before I forget, we need to up the intake of 457s with the skills shortage blowing out the way it is.

Unbelieveable. They’re virtually admitting to setting up today’s raid as Warrnambool’s hospitality industry was gearing up for a busy Friday night, doing exactly what’s going on under WorkChoices in small businesses all over the country. Make an example of them for the six o’clock TV news.

They eat their own, these people.

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  1. Maybe Kudelka should create another use for John Howard – Cannibal Chief! Although he is simply proving he is the Terrorist Prime Minister!

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