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Howard’s End: are we there yet?

KadaitchaMy reading of the entrails this week lead me to think that we have reached the electoral tipping point from which there can be no return for John Howard’s government. It remains to be seen what Ruddock and the AFP have up their sleeves for APEC, but otherwise events seem to be propelling Howard to electoral annihilation.

The most significant change this week is that Rudd has finally neutralised the ALP’s vulnerability on IR. In the finest tradition of conservative political strategy, you don’t have to win the debate, just neutralise it. Business is showing support for Rudd’s new IR policy and are prepared to accept the inevitable.

With the Gunn’s paper mill, Malcolm Turnbull has managed to turn a page 10 story into a frontpage major election issue which will cost the Coalition votes and possibly Turnbull his seat.

Rupert Murdoch casts an early vote with The Australian editorial condemning Howard and Costello for squandering 11 years of economic good times without the significant economic reform we saw under Fraser, Hawke and Keating. Rudd is also getting a good run in the Murdoch tabloids.

Foreign debt reaches new record highs, skill shortages continue to grow and undermine the productive capacity of the construction industry. 10% of Australians now live below the poverty line. The war on indigenous communities gets more bizarre by the day. APEC may bring George W Bush and remind everyone about our involvement in Iraq and the continuing disaster that is US foreign policy as it considers expanding the War on Terror to Iran.

Short of a terrorist attack at APEC – which I’m not sure would play entirely in Howard’s favour – it’s hard to see Howard retaining office. Now that Rudd has cleared the decks on IR, the PM will be pressured daily to bring on the election. Everyone has had enough.

A Labor majority in excess of 35 seats would not surprise me. Some years back the Canadian centre-right coalition government were left with less than 10 seats. Could the same happen here? Have we passed the point of no return?

Discussion at Blogotariat please.

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