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Australia losing IT competitiveness

BoradbandYet another savage indictment of the Howard government’s neglect of the Australian Information Technology industry (ooh.. they have the intertubes on computers now??) with claims by Leith Campbell, principal consultant in Australia for British telecommuunications analyst firm Ovum, that Australia has ll but lost the race to develop really fast broadband in the Asia-Pacific area.

Mr Campbell says that by the end of 2009 the world will have about 13.8 million households directly connected to the internet by optical fibre cables and the number will be accelerating.

Of that total, 82 per cent will be in the Asia-Pacific region, mainly Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, with similar development now under way in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Speeds of at least 100 megabits per second and in some places more than 500 mbps will be general, he says.

The broadband speed available to Australian home owners can be as low as 256 kilobits per second although 1 mbps or so is becoming more common for users within a few kilometres of Telstra telephone exchanges.

“If we all want the line rates currently delivered to office desktops — namely, 100-1000 mbps, then a fibre to the home (FTTH) network will be required,” Mr Campbell says.

Meantime, while Asian countries are burning up the telecommunications roads, Australia appears to be fiddling.

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