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Teenage Stoner says global warming debate ‘not over’

Fresh from his revelations that he was a ‘teenage stoner’, Federal Finance Minister Nick Minchin has urged all Australians to watch The Great Global Warming Swindle on ABC television tonight. Regarded as the government’s most hard-line climate change denialist, Minchin said he thought it was important for people to hear “the voices of those many, many reputable scientists who don’t accept that, to the extent that there is a rise in global average temperatures, it is all the fault of human activity”.

“I think it is vital that we all expose ourselves to all sides of this debate. And to those who say the debate is over, I say no, I think that is quite wrong to act on that presumption.”

I suspect it will be a futile and counter-productive exercise for the Howard government to align itself with this discredited ‘documentary’ now widely regarded as shoddy propaganda. Who watches ABC TV anyway? Only tree-hugging leftist luvvy elitists who won’t be swayed by the documentary and won’t vote for HowardCo anyway?

The majority of Australians polled are clearly concerned that global warming is causing climate change and something needs to be done about it as a matter of urgency. The electorate is already skeptical about HowardCo’s recent Road to The Election conversion to the cause of climate change – our policy on climate change is to have one, eventually. Minchin’s endorsement of The Great Global Warming Swindle only serves to remind the electorate that HowardCo are not serious about climate change and cannot be trusted to come up with a fair-dinkum response to it.

Apart from some over-excitable ejaculations from the usual range of wingnut denialists, The Swindle will do nothing to move votes toward the government – it simply confirms in the minds of voters that HowardCo are out of touch.

Maybe Minchin has been on the whacky-baccy again? After all he can’t even remember whether he may or may not have smoked pot at University. The Devil Weed can do that to you.

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