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Keynes – Fair crack of the whip, mate! Fair Suck of the Sauce Bottle!

Doing some housework over at The Shack and found this little gem from the thought of the day generator.

The political problem of mankind is to combine three things: economic efficiency, social justice and individual liberty. – John Maynard Keynes

No wonder he’s not popular with tax-cutting free-marketeers. Hmm…let’s see now…which ones are in decline? Um…Yes…it’s the social justice, and individual liberty! Which means economic efficiency gets more of the pie. But what is this efficiency? Slow growth in GDP, decline in social and environmental infrastructure while the mercantile minority reap the spoils and spend our taxes on US military adventureism?

According to Keynes, the system is out of balance and so there are political problems. Rudd knows this, Howard probably knows this, and increasingly the electorate knows this.

Howard has the temerity to ask ‘who are you going to trust to manage the future?’ I cringe to hear him, for it so not the question to be asking the electorate. They have seen Howard’s future through 11 years of the past and doubt whether HowardCo is up to it. The electorate are less concerned about managing the future. They are more concerned that we have adequate political leadership capable of responding reasonably, rationally and equitably to the many challenges of the future. So the question begs the answer “Kevin Rudd!”

I Can’t Believe it’s Not WorkChoices was not reasonable or just. It went against the Aussie grain. A Fair Go. Fair crack of the whip, mate! Fair Suck of the Sauce Bottle! It broke the camel’s back. The faith has been broken. HowardCo’s problem is best described by words from an old Bee Gees song ‘How can you mend a broken heart? How can a loser ever win?’


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