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Howard asleep at the wheel

Asleep at the WheelJohn Howard has told the Australian people “that it is never time for a change unless the change is for the better.” Trouble is most people think it is time for a change and that a Rudd Labor government will be a change for the better. At least Howard is now on the same wavelength as the electorate.

Other highlights from yesterday’s Liberal party convention include this assessment of the success of HowardCo’s foreign policy:

“Does anybody believe that the Labor Party in government can better the single greatest achievement of this Government in foreign policy over the last 11 years, and that is to have simultaneously built the closest relationship this country’s had with the United States of America, in our history, and at the same time developed an immensely constructive, and positive and forward-looking relationship with China?”

What? No mention of Iraq? Prime Minister, you are being far too modest!

Howard is also on the money in recognising that climate change is no longer just an environmental issue:

“Climate change may have been framed as an environmental issue, but it is really overwhelmingly an economic issue because if we get the targets wrong, if we get the pace of change wrong, if we get these decisions wrong and we burden the Australian community with higher electricity prices than ought otherwise be the case, we will do enormous damage to Australian industry and inflict great pain on Australian households, because that is the essence.

“Do you really want to hand this over to a group of people who’ve flirted with, via their environment spokesman, Peter Garrett, the ludicrous proposition that you would cut emissions by 20 per cent by the year 2020?” he asked.

Apparently the Australian people are contemplating just such a course of action.

According to Jason Koutsoukis all that remains is for Howard to pull Peter Rabbit out of his magician’s hat.

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  1. phil says:

    Anything Howard pulls out will be from his arse, ‘cos that’s what it always smells like.


    “It’s not time to make a change
    Just relax, take it eeeeasy….”


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