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Property rights norms and coercive Kindergarten teachers

There has been discussion on the blogs today about Don Arthur’s post discussing how children at an American preschool naturally gravitated towards property rights norms and how their teachers stepped in to ‘correct’ this. The idea being that this demonstrates the ‘naturalness’ of property-based libertarian free-market economic ideology.

Yet the Lego Town game equally illustrates that, by its nature, it will consequentially create and exclude of a minority of the children. Whether the teachers’ intervention to mirror “the rules of our capitalist meritocracy” was misguided or clumbsy is to miss the point that a property rights norm will naturally disadvantage those without property.

Assuming that those without property will be disadvantaged if they wish to play in Lego Town, how does a ‘natural’ property rights normative social system reasonably deal with the dispossessed, disenfranchised, poor or underprivileged?

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  1. […] the teachers decided to intervene. As they say, read the whole thing. Don’s piece has already got Slim over at the Dog’s Bollocks […]

  2. Bannerman says:

    not at all dissimilar to the Second Life phenomenon. You can fly around Second Life all you want for free, but if you actually want to ‘own’ a part of cyberspace – something of an oxymoron anyway – you have to part with real, non-virtual money. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, becoming an owner of nothing for the outlay of a considerable something, but without outlaying that something, you wind-up with a whole lot of nothing…..of nothing. So much for property rights.

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