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Rudd’s mastery of the sound bite

I knew Rudd would be a better leader than Beazley for the simple reason that he is a master of the sound bite. No better example than his keynote economic theme for the election. Says it all really. Repeat often and consult a pollster if symptoms persist. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fall in global music sales and the rise of independents

Global music sales are predicted to fall, with overall music sales in 2009 predicted to generate $US23 billion, roughly half the level of a decade earlier. The decline is attributed to downloading and piracy but I suggest it is a consequence of the risk-averse corporatised global music industry itself. Read the rest of this entry »

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Browsing the OzPolitics Blog Feed reminded me of something I’ve wondered about for some time. Why do so many right wing bloggers insist on using ALL CAPITALS for the post titles? Is it meant to be YELLING, provide emphasis, or because they have trouble with the CAPS LOCK? Read the rest of this entry »

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Affordable Frontrow Living! Selling fast!

Lorne PierOn an afternoon stroll to check out Lorne’s newly opened and rebuilt pier (and very nice it is too) I came across a real estate agent’s sign for an apartment near the Pacific Hotel offering AFFORDABLE FRONTROW LIVING. It struck me as an apt metaphor, not only for the Lorne lifestyle, but Australia and Western economies generally. Don’t we all want front row seats in the theatre of life? Read the rest of this entry »

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Coalition supports single wheat desk in election year

Despite the desire of economic hardliners in the Coalition to deregulate the wheat market in the aftermath of the AWB Wheat for Weapons program providing material support for terrorism, it appears that the Agrarian Socialists Union has prevailed. There must be an election coming up. The federal Agriculture Minister says there is now an acceptance within the Government that wheat growers should keep a single export desk. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pell’s Easter message: don’t be distracted by the Iraq War and global warming

In a departure from the usual Easter message of peace, Catholic Archbishop of Sydney George Pell has used his Easter address to urge followers to refocus on their personal faith and morality. He says that a preoccupation with issues like the war in Iraq and global warming can distract people from their personal responsibilities. He says Jesus calls on Christians to tend to their own affairs first.

“Jesus calls us to address the challenges in our own hearts, families and communities before we moralise about distant worlds, where we are usually powerless.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Dob in a terrorist ads are back

The program about the early life of Pope John Paul II on SBS last night was interrupted by frequent Australian Government ads for the Dob in a Terrorist hotline. A nice counterfoil for the Hicks debacle, I expect they imagine. But is anyone still listening? It would be good to see recent figures on the hotline, but I don’t think we will.

Is it too late to dob in the AWB for suspicious bribery aiding and abetting a terrorist regime?

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Australian business leaders call for emissions target

More bad news from The Age for the Howard government in resisting the setting of greenhouse gas emission targets.

A GATHERING of senior business leaders has called on the Australian Government to adopt a 2020 binding target for carbon emissions reductions and agreed the Government should ratify an international agreement even if it does involve economic costs. The group also called for Australia to introduce an emissions trading scheme.

The business leaders, who met under Chatham House rules which prevent their identity being disclosed, were meeting in Canberra as part of a Business Leaders Forum on Climate Change organised by the Australian Davos Connection, an NGO focused on promoting the World Economic Forum.

A statement released after the event said Australia needed to take greater action domestically to deal with climate change and feared that “without action Australia risks being excluded from international trade”.

Treasurer Costello is about to release his crystal ball gazing snapshot of Australia’s economy 40 years hence. For a man who has trouble predicting this year’s budget surplus, Costello and the Howard government wouldn’t recognise the future if it bit them on the backside. Australian business generally does not have a good record on economic innovation – the Coalition even less so, despite their self-proclaimed mantle of Best Economic Managers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Turnbull’s red herring blames Hicks for plea bargain delay

Liberal frontbencher and former lawyer Malcolm Turnbull said he cannot understand why David Hicks’s lawyers did not push for a plea bargain earlier. Mr Turnbull said he had been wondering for some time what the motivations were behind stalling a plea deal. Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, told reporters on Friday night that there were initial plea discussions about Hicks’s case two years ago and that the negotiations picked up speed recently.

I’d suggest that Turnbull knows the answer to his own question – the Howard government wasn’t ready to do a deal, presumably hoping it could ride it out until after the election.

“What an amazing coincidence that, with an election in Australia by the end of the year, he gets nine months and he is gagged for 12 months from talking about it,” said Australian lawyer Lex Lasry.

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