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Amanda Vanstone spams Under Southern Stars to school system

Under Southern CrossIn my official school email today I received a promotional email from Amanda Vanstone, Senator for South Australia, promoting her attempt a new National Anthem, Under Southern Stars. How the hell does a Senator from South Australia get access to government department email distribution lists? Please explain?

John Howard’s son faced prosecution when he spammed an unauthorised mailing list on behalf of his dad last election. Amanda’s email may have been approved by the department/s concerned, but questions remain as to who, how, and why.

Amand offers the following:

Under Southern Stars is a new song for all of us.
Music can open more hearts and minds than legislation and government programs ever will. That’s what I hope Under Southern Stars will do.

It gives pride of place to Indigenous Australians. We will only truly reconcile with ourselves when we give voice to the growing understanding, respect and affection for Indigenous Australians.

People of all ages and values will find it is easy to sing. The verses are short and the words will be understood by children and adults alike.

The song recognises the essential elements of Australia, namely that:

  • Indigenous Australians were here before us;
  • We are a country founded through immigration;
  • Our nation was formed peacefully and voluntarily in 1901;
  • The ANZAC spirit is important to us;
  • So many of our flora and fauna are unique to Australia.

To hear the song, read the lyrics or find out more, go to There you will be able to access voice, piano and combined versions of Under Southern Stars which I encourage you to use.

Full permission is granted to use the lyrics and MP3s of Under Southern Stars made available on the website.

Use Under Southern Stars in:

  • School Assembly
  • Music Lessons
  • Civics discussions
  • Choir practice

Abuse of process anyone?

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2 Responses

  1. gusface says:

    publish her email so we can spam her with shite

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