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KKK attack Blogging Code of Conduct

Badge of HonourRWBs frequently exhort whinging lefties to get a life yet The Kombative Keyboard Komandos have been out in force, and even The Age, claiming that the draft Blogging Code of Conduct is an attack on free-speech. Get a life boys, for chrissakes. It’s only a voluntary code of conduct with an accreditation scheme. The valid libertarian stance is ‘my blog, my rules’. Get over it. No-one’s suggesting any compulsion to the code.

I suspect that RWBs are threatened by the idea of an accreditation scheme that will help punters identify a blog that chooses to exercise a certified standard of behavior and rigor. A bit like advisory content labelling for music and films, only voluntary.

Maybe the RWBs could start their own Kode of Konduct for Kombative Keyboard Kommandos with star ratings? Let the punters choose.

As the RWBs frequently remind us – it’s a free world.

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  1. The Editor says:

    Ah come on, man, it’s the “thin end of the regulatory wedge”! It’s the end of free speech and a breach of my constitutional rights (I’ve heard that phrase on the telly.)

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