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Coalition supports single wheat desk in election year

Despite the desire of economic hardliners in the Coalition to deregulate the wheat market in the aftermath of the AWB Wheat for Weapons program providing material support for terrorism, it appears that the Agrarian Socialists Union has prevailed. There must be an election coming up. The federal Agriculture Minister says there is now an acceptance within the Government that wheat growers should keep a single export desk.

Peter McGauran says the Ralph grower consultation report has clearly shown 75 per cent of growers want to keep some kind of single desk. He says there have been some “breakouts” in the political discussions over what the single desk should be, but the issue will be resolved within the month.

Although the Government is still to publicly respond to the Ralph report, Mr McGauran is confident of developing a plan that all MPs and senators will support. “Because until recently, much of the debate was to move towards rapid deregulation,” he said.

“Now it’s accepted by all within government that we need a single desk, now we can work out what we mean by a single desk.”

The National Party must be thankful for the Federal election this year. If it was early in the Government’s term, the single desk would have been shafted, along with the farmers who would be paid even less for their product.

Who were the main beneficiaries of dairy deregulation? Farmers? Consumers?

Mostly Coles and Safeway as far as anyone can tell.


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