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Economics drive immigration, not leftists & libertarians

A good logical analysis at The Raving Wingnut of the kind of thinking that gives rise to Islamic totalitarianism. Such thinking of course, is not limited to Muslims. It can be found among other religions and belief systems, including the free-market global economy. My way or the highway.

Steve Edwards goes on to conclude:

For some peculiar reason, one that utterly baffles the mind, both Leftists and libertarians are the chief supporters of continuing and even increasing Muslim immigration to the West, despite what this will inevitably portend for the secularism that Leftists rhetorically uphold on one hand, and the “limited government” to which libertarians allegedly subscribe on the other. Needless to say, these people are practitioners of mental gymnastics at a truly superhuman level.

I would suggest that historically, immigration is always linked to economic development, both to provide a cheaper workforce and create more demand. Whether you love it or not, the economic lifestyle we presently enjoy has always been underpinned by immigration – it needs it.

Politicians may talk about restricting immigration, but they will accept whatever they think necessary to oil the wheels of the economy, including Greeks and Italians of old, or Sundanese and Muslims now. It’s economic reality. It’s not caused by leftists and libertarians defending the right of all Australians to be treated fairly, especially when one or more ethnic minority is daily fodder for tabloid and talk-back vilification in support of a phony war on terror.

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  1. But most studies of the economic impact of immigration have failed to find a significant contribution to material standards of living from immigration.

    Furthermore, if you belong to an industry which is beginning to use cheaper overseas labour, I doubt if you would speak of the economic lifestyle you enjoy being underpinned by migration.

    And how do you explain the economic growth of countries like Japan and South Korea from the 1950s onward, which occurred without immigration?

  2. slim says:

    I didn’t say that economic growth is not possible without immigration. But in Australia’s case, immigration has always been part of the economic mix from the time of the First Fleet.

    Japan and South Korea have much more protected economies and restricted immigration, while we in Australia passed those kinds of policies over decades ago.

    My broader point is that if you wish to embrace the global economy and the free flow of resources, goods and currency, then there will obviously be a concomitant flow (albeit more restricted} of labour. I don’t think you can have it both ways – an open economy with closed immigration.

    Oh, and ‘it’ still isn’t the fault of leftists and libertarians.

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