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Iraq – and my part in its downfall

Alex Downer is either desperately spinning or seriously delusional. To blame the debacle in Iraq on those who criticised it from the outset makes as much sense as suggesting that if everyone had supported the English Cricket team they would have retained the Ashes. In both cases, they were on a hiding to nothing from the toss of the coin.

Following Alex’s compelling logic, if everyone had joined the cheering squad, Iraq would now be the model of peaceful democracy, everyone would love US foreign policy, and the terrorists would have sulked away in defeat. That the invasion of Iraq and The War on Terrists was ill-conceived, ill-motivated, negligently and incompetently executed at every turn by arguably the biggest turkey ever to have worn the mantle of President of the United State has nothing at all to do with its inevitable failure. (Unless, of course, the idea all along is to reduce the Middle East to a complete bloody mess, nuke the whole lot, and then take over the oil supplies once and for all. Then I concede that the plan is working brilliantly so far.)

No, it’s those selfish left-wing elites and their failure to get with the team that’s brought it to this sorry state. That would have made all the difference. Wow, to think that I could have helped win the war! I am suitably chastened and remorseful, which is more than you can say for Alex.

But, to be charitable, Alex was speaking to an impressionable and enthusiastic home crowd of Young Liberals and thought it best to give the young petals a good old geehaw to fuel along their aspirations of ruling the world (for good, you understand, not personal advantage).

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  1. the horse says:

    A motivational speech. ‘If you deny reality and lie like your life depends on it, you could grow up just like me.’

    In other words, a supercilious born-to-rule twit. When retribution inevitably comes, I’d like him to get an especially big dose of it.


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