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Global warming alarmists at it again

That well-known hot-bed of left-wing ideologues (no, not the ABC) the United Nations is about to release its latest propoganda on the state of global warming and climate change.

Containing contributions from 2500 scientists, citing 6000 reports and reviewed by 750 experts operating under a United Nations banner, the first part of the report will be released on Friday after line-by-line consensus is reached on its conclusions.

The most important paragraph in the 1200-page report is the strength of the scientific statement on the question that has most inflamed climate change sceptics — what is driving global warming — according to internationally recognised climate expert Dr Graeme Pearman, a former CSIRO chief of atmospheric research.

“It makes a much stronger statement about unequivocal evidence of air and ocean temperature rises, of the melting of snow and ice and the raising of sea levels, and that the effect is from human activities,” he said. The report says the human influence on climate is at least five times that of any natural variation of the sun.

Thank god we have the IPA and its minions, Andrew Bolt and others, working overtime to quickly discredit this outrageous report by quoting some industry-sponsored dissenters and save us from these party-pooping conspirisists who would seek to undermine our way of life in the greatest country on earth purely from the self-serving desire for personal profit and furthering of their careers.

Disgraceful and un-Australian!

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