The Dog’s Bollocks

Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.

Wither the comet…

Comet McNaught from The AgeWe saw the comet tonight around 10.00pm in the clear south western sky over the horizon of the Otway ranges. Pretty cool thing. A screaming burning hunk of spunk flung from the burning star of some distant galaxy, on its orbit around our part of the universe, and thought to be returning this way in around a million years time.

Kinda puts things in a different perspective. Will human kind still be around in a million years? And if so, in what form might they be? And where do I fit into all this? Who are these other people around me? How can we live peacefully and prosperously?

I guess that up against questions like that, it’s not surprising that as individuals we tend to seek understanding either through spirit with the hope of salvation, or strive to grab what we can while we have the opportunity ‘cos when you’re dead you’re dead.

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The Dog’s Bollocks

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