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The Ian Campbell style over substance award

From The Age today:

The Federal Government is considering a program to offset greenhouse gases caused by politicians and bureaucrats’ air travel but says it is more focused on reducing emissions to combat global warming.

Australian Environment Minister Ian Campbell said his department had slashed its air travel by 19 per cent between 2004-05 and 2005-06, which had led to a reduction in carbon emissions from 8512 tonnes to 6050 tonnes.”We are in favour of offsets but the focus to date has been on real reductions and reducing the amount of air travel is the only way you can really do that,” Senator Campbell said.

While greenhouse gas offsets for air travel are laudible, for the Federal Environment Minister to suggest that cutting his department’s air travel is resulting in real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions is risible.

Unless the reduction in air travel is resulting in less air flights (like Qantas are cancelling flights as a consequence) then the claimed reduction in greenhouse gas emission is illusory and misleading. Does Campbell really think Australian people are that stupid?

Full points for style over substance, though.


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2 Responses

  1. madmouser says:

    I think you should have stopped writing after; The Federal Government is considering a program to offset greenhouse gases caused politicians and bureaucrats.
    That says it all.

  2. madmouser says:

    Oops, that previous comment should have read caused by politicians and bureaucrats. Sorry for the mistake. It is 1:30AM. Guess I am a little tired and need to get some sleep.

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