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Does biodiversity matter? Do Polar Bears shit on melting ice caps?

Just as well I’m on holiday ‘cos I’m on a roll. Been sporting at Jenny Marohasy‘s environmental blog on a post called Is, how or why biodiversity matters?

While presenting all kinds of serious science stuff in an informative way, Jenny likes to throw the cat among the pigeons and stir the possum from time to time (it is Friday after all). Nevertheless the blog seems to act as a honey-pot for enviroskeptics of all persuasion, to lure in unsuspecting greenies and mug them, or at least waste their time, all in the good name of ‘evidence-based’ political debate about our environment, of course.

It brings to mind the wise words of republican pundit Frank Luntz in his famous memo to the Republicans on how to deal with global warming.

“The scientific debate remains open. Voters believe that there is no consensus about global warming within the scientific community. Should the public come to believe the scientific issues are settled, their views about global warming will change accordingly. Therefore, you need to continue to make the lack of scientific certainty a primary issue in the debate, and defer to scientists and other experts in the field.”

Same kind of deal with biodiversity, really. They’re both issues dealt with by the science of ecology (not as perjorative as ‘ecologists’). Unfortunately, this science is not really appreciated by fans of neo-darwinian economic theology known as free market capitalism, such as politicians, corporations and their PR and policy think tanks.

Jenny Marohasy is the Environment Director for the Institute of Public Affairs – a think tank intimately associated with the Liberal Party since 1943 and much favoured by our current federal government (can you see the resemblance?).

You don’t think this blog is running interference by encouraging ‘scientific doubt’ to keep the public skeptical do ya? So that we don’t have to do anything about the problem? Nothing to see here, folks. Move along! Now why would they want to do that?

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2 Responses

  1. La Pantera Rosa says:

    Just to be clear, Jennifer is actually on holiday, not blogging. She has a guest blogger who kindly indulged my suggestion for this post topic (he is knowledgeable & appreciative of this topic. He makes a living from biodiversity but with good reasons is critical of many of our bureaucratic methods to preserve it). I was curious if the envirosceptics would offer an interesting perspective but it’s the usual: dumb greenie nazi religious values v’s noble self-interested morally superior liberals.

  2. slim says:

    The picture now becomes clearer. I’ve checked out some posts there from OxPolitics and became curious.

    When I read Neil’s guest post I took the bait, so it was interesting to see the thread develop and unravel. Similar pattern to the debate and personalities I’ve discovered elsewhere. As is often the case, logic does not prevail over determined stubbornness.

    Which I guess leads me to ask, “How many enviroskeptics does it take to change a solar lightbulb?”

    “First, they have to want to change it.”

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