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Truth is like a dog’s bollocks – pretty obvious if you care to look.

In the new world of opinion and analysis, who minds the gate?

Leslie Cannold (The Age, January 1, 2007) is sceptical about the impact of blog opinion writers in the decline of print news media.

“Vetting by editors is one process for guaranteeing us that some degree of veracity attaches to the content we are spending our hard-earned time consuming.”

“Editorial oversight is one of the processes that prevents the publication of well-packaged pseudo-knowledge — much of the time, anyway.”

“Currently, traditional editorial practices are one of the only ways we’ve got to achieve reasonable levels of accuracy, veracity, and good clean copy.”

As a professional writer, she would say that.

In the many full pages of The Age covering the execution of Saddam Hussein, we are presented with a string of accurate bio-facts, but nothing about the well-documented role of the US administration, the CIA, and US business in creating, supporting and eventually destroying his regime for the sole purpose of protecting US interests in the world’s second largest oil reserve – lots of ‘veracity’, but a curious absence of any attempt to explain why or how. Self-censorship is the most powerful form of censorship and is most insidious when practised by ‘trusted’ commercial print media.

This latest ‘story’ on the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein is just another example of the decline of traditional print media in the eyes of those who seek to understand the story behind the ‘news’. There are many serious opinion blogs and it doesn’t take much to sort the wheat from the chaff – just like newspapers.

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  1. madmouser says:

    You are the Matlock of print…

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