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We’d be crazy to go nuclear

John Howard’s hand-picked ‘give us a report which recommends that we develop a nuclear power industry’ committee comes up with a report which recommends we develop a nuclear power industry. Unsurprisingly, Howard reckons we’d be crazy not to.

This fits nicely with the fundamental tenet of the Liberal Party – the inalienable right of big business to take a lazy cut of the action in what is passed off as clever free-market entrepreneurial capitalism at its finest, benefiting us all with untold wealth and easy access to consumer goodies on endless and growing foreign credit.

If only this were the case, then we could truly be relaxed and comfortable. Howard’s free-market energy model will only result in heavily subsidised corporate monopolies exploiting centralised, intensive and highly inefficient energy distribution systems.

In the 10-15 years it will take to launch a nuclear energy industry, it would be better to have government policy encourage consumer uptake of locally efficient alternative energy sources such as solar and wind which can offset demand for centralised mains energy by as much as 60% in an otherwise highly electrically dependent household.

There would be no need for expansion of centralised systems of power generation, such as coal, it would be more environmentally sustainable, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and simulate a free-market frenzy of employment and export generating regional small businesses which provide the conditions for healthy and sustainable communities. All good and desirable stuff.

But no, apparently we’d be crazy not to go nuclear. How else are those unimaginative dullards we call big business in Australia gonna make an easy buck in the finest tradition of commission-taking, coupon-clipping middlemen that passes for capitalism in this fine land.

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