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We need a National Forest Guard

Driving to Geelong late yesterday afternoon from Lorne felt surreally like some kind of biblical end time. Almost all trace of green has gone from the parched landscape and dams are mostly cracked and dry – made all the more eery by the reddish-tinged smoke haze blowing in from the east of the state and the blood-red sun looking like an alien planet.

On the late night news I saw footage of the bushfires in Victoria and Tasmania – some seriously out of control situations. We can only expect more to come as the driest summer on record progresses and our society seems to produce more and more morons who think lighting grass and bushfires is a good idea.

Some blog commentators have suggested that we need a more proactive approach to controlling bushfire. So here’s a policy idea for Rudd and the federal ALP – look into setting up a National Forest Guard – kinda like a coast guard. Invest government resources in satelite monitoring technology, aerial surveillance, staff and equipment for quick response swat teams.

It just doesn’t make sense to respond reactively when hundreds of thousands of hectares are burnt each summer. It will only get worse as climate change continues. The cost of bush fire destruction must now be sufficient to justify investing in a national scheme to help protect the bush. It’s issues like these where the free-market fails – it needs government coordination and funding. By the time the markets get around to realising the cost of bushfire is having a negative impact on the economy, most of it will have long burnt down.

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