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Looks like the Greens were right all along

It’s breathtaking how rapidly the Australian media have taken up the cause of climate change. Andrew Bolt is about the last total denier left and seems to be arguing that Rupert Murdoch has been sucked in by the Climate Change Conspirators. Even the Howard government is starting to talk the talk, and even promising to walk the walk – maybe, if everyone else does first.

Environmentalists have been saying all this stuff for decades and now it appears they were right all along. Enter Al Gore and the Stern report and it’s become a serious economic issue that everyone’s talking about. Global Warming (to give the problem its proper pre-spun name) is an environmental issue that requires a global economic response. And that’s going to take cooperative regulation and leadership from developed nations such as Australia, especially given that we are among the world’s worst offenders on a per capita basis.

Maybe the Greens (and the Democrats) are owed an apology by the Australian people, government and business leaders, journalists and the media. Sure they have some radical notions which scare conservative-minded folk, but it goes to show that the evaluation of ideas requires thoughtful input from a diversity of perspectives. And I guess we’ll be seeing a lot less of that as well.

When Howard came to power, Australian businesses were among the leading innovators in all kinds of carbon-neutral power generation, particularly solar energy. Thanks to Howard’s short-sighted policies of withdrawing research and development incentives, they now fallen way behind. Had this investment remained, Australian business would be poised to not only be a leader in this next economic global transition, but profit handsomely from it as well. At best, we’ll now be playing catch-up.

Maybe the Australian people will express their regret by voting in larger numbers for the Greens and Democrats. Don’t think we’ll be hearing any kind of apology any time soon.

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