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History will condemn us

From The Age today.

Mr Howard said the coalition countries wanted to leave, but they could not until they were satisfied the Iraqis could look after the situation.

“If we go and condemn the country to civil war and greater bloodshed, history will rightly condemn us,” he said.

A bit late now I would have thought. Reports I’ve been following suggest that Iraq is in a state of civil war causing greater bloodshed. The Coalition of the Willing will no doubt be condemned by history.

The best that can hoped for now is a tripartite federation (that won’t necessarily avoid civil war) or a US supported coup.

Lots of commentators forget to mention these days that keeping Iraqi and Middle Eastern oil supplies in the hands of US friendly regimes has always been a major part of US policy in the Iraq adventure and the whole War on Terror. If the Bush Administration believe that objective would best be served by a coup then it will happen – elected government or not.

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